Accommodations for Disabilities

Gettysburg College promotes self-disclosure and self-advocacy for students with disabilities admitted through the regular admissions process. The College recognizes students with disabilities have the legal right and responsibility to present requests for reasonable accommodations. As a residential college, this applies to reasonable accommodations related to academic, dining and housing needs.

The Center for Student Success assists students with disabilities with their requests for accommodations. Early disclosure allows our office to work with you to develop appropriate accommodations prior to the start of the semester. Requests are processed as they are received. Requested accommodations must be consistent with the data contained in the documentation that meets the College’s standards. The determination of reasonable educational, dining and/or housing accommodations is made after meeting with the student and reviewing submitted required documentation.

The Center for Student Success will not be informed automatically of any conditions you disclose to the following offices: Health Services, Counseling and Wellness Services, or Admissions. When a condition requires accommodations, including academic, housing and/or dining, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Center for Student Success. All information and documentation received by the Center for Student Success relating to disability status and accommodations requests will be treated with respect to privacy and confidentiality.

Accommodations at the college level do not eliminate the challenges and stress felt by many college students. It is important to note that not all accommodations will transfer from one setting to the next. A diagnosis does not automatically warrant approval of requested accommodations.