Campus Solicitation & Sales Policy

Campus solicitation and fund-raising may be conducted on the Gettysburg College campus provided that prior written permission has been obtained from the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.

Guidelines for solicitation and fund-raising by student organizations and departments are as follows:

  • To initiate the campus solicitation process, a 25Live request must be submitted.
  • Secure written permission from the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life through completion of the solicitation request form sent by Scheduler Greek Life

    All solicitations requests are contingent upon space availability and approval.
  • Fund raising, soliciting or selling goods and services in residential or academic buildings is prohibited.
  • Fund-raising for charitable organizations must be approved by the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life. All funds raised must go directly to the charitable organization named, with no exception. The charitable organization must be named at the time the solicitation request is submitted.
  • Student organizations, departments and outside vendors soliciting and selling goods for individual personal gain must secure prior written approval from the College Bookstore Director (see VENDOR SALES).
  • Vendor or “trunk show” solicitation with student organizations and departments is prohibited.
  • No funds may be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  • The sale of products or services, including sales methods, must be consistent with the high standards of Gettysburg College as an academic and residential community. Each organization is responsible for the fund-raising or solicitation activity it conducts or sponsors. The organization must fully disclose its name on all fund raising or solicitation advertising.
  • Items shall not be purchased nor commitments made prior to permission being granted by the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life and the College Bookstore Director.
  • No permission will be given to place advertisements, signage or flyers on vehicles located on or adjacent to college property. Inquiries regarding this policy should be directed to the Campus Safety.
  • Use of the College network and/or personal web pages to offer goods or services of a business or commercial nature is prohibited, pursuant to the College’s educational or business mission.