Selected Fellowships & Scholarships

*Indicates an institutional nomination or endorsement is required as part of the application

Beinecke Scholarship*
Funds highly motivated Juniors to pursue graduate study in the arts, humanities and social sciences

British Marshall Scholarship*
Highly competitive scholarship which provides graduate funding at any U.K. institution of higher education

Carnegie Junior Fellowship*
One-year paid position working as a research assistant at the Endowment for Peace in Washington, D.C.

Critical Language Scholarship
Provides fully-funded group-based intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences for seven to ten weeks in a host country for U.S. citizen undergraduates and graduates

Fulbright Grant*
One academic year of graduate study, teaching English, and/or independent research in one of over 130 countries

Gates-Cambridge Scholarship
Provides funding for graduate study at Cambridge University in England

Barry Goldwater Scholarship*
Provides junior-year or senior-year undergraduate degree funding for students intending to become professionals in STEM fields

James Madison Junior Fellowship
Funding for graduating seniors to pursue a master’s degree in teaching American History (or a related field)

George Mitchell Scholarship*
One year of graduate study at any institution of higher education in Ireland or Northern Ireland

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (NSF)
Funding for the doctoral degree at a U.S. institution in one of many science or science-related disciplines

Thomas Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship
Undergraduate awards for Juniors committed to serving as Foreign Service Officers with the U.S. State Department upon completion of their education

Thomas Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship
Funding for master’s degree in a field which prepares students for a career as a Foreign Service Officer

Rhodes Scholarship*
Highly competitive scholarship which provides graduate degree funding to attend Oxford University in England

Harry Truman Scholarship*
Senior-year undergraduate funding for students intending to become professionals in public service

Morris K. Udall Scholarship*
Undergraduate junior and/or senior-year funding for students pursuing environmental careers or careers related to Native American tribal health policy