CAFE Symposium

As a way of further enhancing the First-Year intellectual climate on campus, we have developed this event for first-year students. This Celebration of Academic First-Year Engagement Symposium provides faculty-nominated first-year students with the opportunity to showcase their best work from their respective seminars.

The CAFE Symposium pulls together a variety of engaged students as they present their great work in poster format. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the symposium featuring creative students and supportive faculty mentors. Plan to join us February 9, 2022 in celebrating our first-year students successful launch into undergraduate research and creative activity.  

Find more information on Virtual CAFE 2021 (Welcome letter & how to navigate the virtual CAFE website)

CAFE 2021 student dates to remember

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Virtual CAFE Symposium 2021 Survey Results

Q1. How did you find the Create a Poster workshop?
  • 77.8% Very Helpful
  • 18.5% Helpful
Q2. How did you find the Give an Elevator talk workshop?
  • 25.9% Very Helpful
  • 44.4% Helpful
Q3. How did you find the Resume Preparation workshop?
  • 46.2% Very Helpful
  • 42.3% Helpful
Q4. How did you find the communications sent to you about your participating in CAFÉ i.e., the amount, timeliness, and the content?
  • 66.7% Very Helpful
  • 29.6% Helpful
Q5. What did you think of the showcase concept i.e., was having an individual file for your poster, resume, and brief talk attractive to you?
  • Liked the Acadiate platform but would have preferred to be in person and not use Zoom.
  • Made it easier to organize my materials.
  • Professional; easy to navigate; manageable: excellent; made the experience feel more personal; loved the format and not stressful at all; cool; inventive; thoroughly enjoyed the setup; the only problem was when reading the posters.
  • Converting my paper to poster format was hard.
  • Didn’t like the idea of an elevator talk.
  • Unfortunately, the virtual format didn’t lead to much engagement.
Q6. Did you find the Acadiate platform easy to use?
  • 24 respondents found it easy to use, with a few of them saying that they needed to fool around with it a bit at first and a few stating that the tutorials and workshop was helpful in their being able to use it.
  • 3 respondents said that it wasn’t easy to navigate e.g., with regard to zooming in to see the posters and one found it counter-intuitive.
Q7. What did you think of the fact that people were able to preview the poster the day before the event?
  • All respondents said that it was really helpful because visitors came prepared to ask specific questions which helped, given the time allowance. If anything, a few said that they wished the preview would have been available at least 2 full days so more people would have been able to view the showcases and attend.
Q8. What did you think of the fact that people were able to preview the poster the day before the event?
  • Nice, in that it was more private but there was a personal connection missing that you’d get if we were in person.
  • It went well but my elevator talk didn’t appear to be viewed much.
  • CAFÉ should be advertised more because a lot of my classmates didn’t know what it was.
  • I only had one visitor so would have liked the presentation groups be even smaller and featured over more days.
  • It was fulfilling knowing so many people were interested in my research.
  • Had great conversations; great making connections with professors and students that I would otherwise not get the chance to meet.
  • Had some problems setting my Zoom link; it wasn’t very interactive, had a few people but had a lot of down time; attendance was admittedly sparse.
  • I was able to interact with many different people, including my family, friends, and those I didn’t know.
  • I got to talk with President Iuliano!