Current Kolbe Summer Fellows

Kolbe Summer Fellows 2020

Alyssa Beronilla '21 

"Colonialist Narratives through the Meta-Works of Elizabeth Colomba"

Carter Hanson '23 

"The Consent of the Governed"

Consent of the Governed Podcast

Benjamin Hoopes '22 

"Economic Growth in the Caribbean: How Much is Drive by Climate Change?"

Jack Lueddeke '21

Braden Megathlin '21

"Evaluating Naloxone Administration Policies and their Relationship to Moral Hazard"

Tsvetmir Petkov '22 

"Health or Bankruptcy - Could a Price Transparent Healthcare System Offer Stable Financial Options for the Population?"

Lindsay Richwine '21

"Disturbers of the Peace: The Lives and Times of Anne Royall and Jane Swisshelm, Two of America's First Newspaperwomen"

Ana Vashakmadze '22

"Resistance and Insistence: Identity in Georgian National Opera"