Faculty Advisors

Gettysburg College is committed to providing its students with careful advising. All first-year students will be assigned a temporary Summer Advisor to assist with Fall course selection based on the preference indicate on the Academic Planning page in the First Year Dashboard. The Summer Advisor’s contact information will be sent via the student's Gettysburg College email address. New students are responsible for reaching out to the Summer Advisor.

In August, we will assign a faculty advisor to help answer academic questions, explain college regulations, set goals, and make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible. Faculty advisors have only a small number of first-year students, so that they can develop strong one-on-one relationships with their advisees.

Sophomores may continue their advising relationship with their first-year advisors, or they may select another faculty member in a field they’re considering as a major. Once an academic major is chosen (which must be no later than the beginning of the student’s junior year), a member of the student’s major department becomes the student’s advisor.

Advisors play a role in career development, whether that includes graduate study or preparing for the demands of particular career fields.

Students are encouraged to confer at any time with their faculty advisor, a Dean from the Center for Student Success, someone in the Center for Career Engagement, or other faculty members as they decide a major, weigh career objectives, choose graduate or professional schools, or search for employment after graduation.

Advising resources