As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.
President Abraham Lincoln
December 1, 1862

To prepare our students both personally and professionally for lives of innovation, we will promote an institutional culture of thinking and acting anew that honors the visionary leadership of President Abraham Lincoln.

Goal #1: Encourage and support innovative teaching and learning techniques and pedagogies.

Implementation strategies

  • Encourage and reward faculty for innovation and risk-taking in teaching practices and the assessment of these practices.
  • Expand programming offered through the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning that will foster innovation in teaching and assist faculty with the assessment of the effectiveness of new teaching techniques.
  • Expand opportunities for creative problem-solving through faculty-mentored research and creative activity, community-based research, and classroom exercises.
  • Continue to explore new opportunities for the integration of technology into teaching that will advance student learning.

Goal #2: Expand and integrate entrepreneurship learning experiences for our students.

Implementation strategies

  • Continue to develop a co-curricular entrepreneurship program.
  • Develop strong linkages among entrepreneurship, public service, leadership, and career development, to build potential for cross-program pursuits (e.g., social entrepreneurship).

Goal #3: Enhance an innovative spirit among Gettysburg College community members.

Implementation strategies

  • Develop annual prizes to recognize innovation within the campus community.
  • Encourage and reward faculty, administrators, and support staff to adopt innovative and creative approaches to their work that improve efficiency and/or quality.
  • Encourage outreach to alumni, parents, and friends who can provide expertise and advice related to innovative trends and practices.
  • Explore areas of the College appropriate for a certificate program, and develop common standards and requirements.
  • Identify, explore, and expand new opportunities that technology provides for the delivery of Gettysburg’s core mission.

Goal #4: Explore and leverage new technologies for facilitating communication and collaboration with others.

Implementation strategies

  • Use technology to enhance communication with and connection to prospective students, current students, alumni, and families.
  • Identify, explore, and expand opportunities to enhance collaboration among peer colleges through the use of technology.