Strategic Planning Working Groups

Process Leaders

Sharon Stephenson

Chris Zappe

Distinction Work Group

Darren Glass - Co-chair

Kris Stuempfle - Co-chair

Yasemin Akbaba

Nathalie Goubet

Lisa Portmess

Barbara Sommer

Jeff Foster

Susan Pyron

Paul Redfern

Robin Wagner

Kevin Lavery ’16

Gail Sweezey - Consultant

David Wright - Consultant

Internationalization and Inclusion Work Group

Jeanne Arnold - Co-chair

Caroline Hartzell - Co-chair

Emelio Betances

Josef Brandauer

Zhining Hu

VoonChin Phua

Rebecca Bergren

Darryl Jones

Brad Lancaster

Gretchen Natter

Justina Molokwu ’17

Niamate Leeper

Susan Eisenhower - Consultant

Innovation Work Group

Julie Hendon - Co-chair

Rob Bohrer - Co-chair

Amy Dailey

Tim Good

Divonna Stebick

Beatriz Trigo

Shannon Egan

Pete North

Eric Remy

Janelle Wertzberger

Peter Rosenberger ’16

Tayvon Wright ’17

Rod Tosten - Consultant

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