LEED Certification

Jaeger Center

  • The Jaeger Center has been designed to use at least 27.8% less energy than it would with conventional materials and methods. This high performance-design decreases CO2 emissions by an estimated 2.4 million pounds annually.
  • The Jaeger Center has installed white thermoplastic roof covering, which reduces the cooling costs for the building.
  • As built, the Jaeger Center will use an average of 50% less water than a typical building with standard fixtures, which is equivalent to 215,175 gallons of water annually.
  • The Jaeger Center has installed an innovative pool filtration system that allows for additional water use reductions beyond those previously mentioned. Total additional water reductions amount to more than 3.3 million gallons of water annually. These water reductions will also reduce the impact on municipal water treatment facilities.
  • The landscaping surrounding the Jaeger Center consists of native and/or adaptive plants, which are capable of surviving in the Gettysburg climate without the need for irrigation.
  • During construction, the Jaeger Center selected low-emitting products to improve the indoor air quality. Adhesive, sealant, paint, coating, composite wood/agrifiber products, and carpet material have been specified to meet South Coast Air Quality Management District and Green Label Plus guidelines, limiting the volatile organic compound content of the product.
  • While the tally is not yet complete as construction is still wrapping up, it is anticipated that more than 90% of the construction waste from The Jaeger Center project will be diverted from landfills for beneficial reuse.
  • To encourage alternative methods of transportation, bike racks have been installed outside the Jaeger Center that can accommodate 78 bicycles, and shower/changing rooms to accommodate those who bike to work or class.
  • In order to encourage more efficient means of transportation, there will be two convenient parking spaces by the Jaeger Center for low emitting/fuel efficient vehicles, as well as two for car and van pools.

Gettysburg College has set aside 100,938 square feet of the campus-owned property adjacent to the building as protected space, not to be developed for the lifetime of the building.

Jaeger Center for Athletics