Africana Studies graduates are encouraged to maintain contact and involvement with the program and other alumni throughout graduate school, careers, and beyond. In this way, you can continue to enjoy a lifelong relationship with Gettysburg's Africana Studies Program, its current students, and its ongoing efforts to promote diversity and social justice.

Share any news about you -- a new job, a new address, a new degree, a graduate school acceptance, and/or other life events. You can submit this information to, or use the Update my info form.

Name Major / Minor Career Status
Joshua Aubourg CMS
Pape Diallo FRE/AFS
Anderson Gray AFS
Taaliya Holliday AFS
John Keating AFS/HIS
Zarah Rice AFS
Carolina Santos AFS/POL
Michael-Ann Scardino-Moore ENG/WGSS
Treynise Tweedy AFS
Malayzha Watson AFS
Elijah Williams s HS/AFS
Alice K. Abbott-Havers HIS
Will F. Esposito MUS/HIS
Olivia M. Harrison AFS/POL
Paul J. Ivans OMS
Tiari M. Ramsey AFS
Chanelle Torres WGSS
Melanie Pamela Pangol Ocampo AFS
Janmarie Acosta PSY Works as a 3K Assistant Head Teacher at Two by Two Daycare Center
Maci C. Mark HIS
Ariyana A. Thomas IDS Works as a Psychiatric Professional
Lindsay Kaya Waller HIS
Joshua Bryan-Brown POL / AFS
Kourtney Cunningham OMS / AFS
Caroline P. Lloyd AFS
Camille Minns GLO / AFS Works as a Graduate Research Assistant at Tufts University
Emily Vega IDS / AFS Works as a Capital Teaching Resident at KIPP D.C.
Suleymi Suarez ANT / HS / AFS
Keesha Johnson AFS
Alexa J. Laboy AFS/SOC/PJS Works as a Prospective Student Advising Coordinator at Relay Graduate School of Education
Michaelyn R. Cornish BIO / AFS Is pursuing a Graduate Degree in Osteopathic Medicine
Hannah M. Dallman AFS Is employed as a Personal shopper for Whole Foods Market
Chelsea P. Johnson SOC / AFS Is pursuing a Graduate Degree at Relay Graduate School of Education
Thomas A. McCune OMS / AFS Works as a Salesforce Administrator at Gallagher Fluid Sales
Joseph Recupero III POL / ANT / AFS Works as an Admission Specialist at
Erin M. Durant AFS Works with Americorps Vista Community Partnerships
& Sustainability (District Level)
Robert J. Fay AFS Works as an Associate Accounts Executive at Broadridge
Katherine M. Aloisi PSY / AFS Is pursuing a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology
Rebecca J. Barth CLA / AFS Works as Assistant Director of Volunteer Engagement
at Gettysburg College
Beauregard A. Charles ENG / AFS
Rashida Aluko-Roberts IA / AFS Works as a Foreign Service Officer at USAID
Georgia M. Ferguso ANT / AFS Works as a Customer Experience Strategist at Empower Retirement
Biankah S. Ciceron AFS Works as a Support Coordinator at Access Plus SC
Austin J. Davis OMS-OS /AFS Works as a Senior Sponsorship Manager at Digital Gaming Corp
Celia M. L. Hartz HIS / AFS Works as an Automation and Patron Services Coordinator
at Anchorage Public Library
Alexandra K. Milano HIS / AFS Works as a Senior Associate at RMI, Climate Finance Access Network (CFAN)
Collin R. Wiemer SOC / AFS Works as an Implementation & Product Coach at Tevera
Kristin E. Giffuni ENGC / AFS
Lauren H. Roedner AFS / HIS Works as a Museum Curator/Collection Manager in the Office of Cultural Heritage Department of State
Daniel J. Black POL / AFS Works as Chief Of Staff at U.S. House of Representatives
Kirsty C. Bryant-Hassler AFS / IDS Works as an International Development Professional
Edward J. Graham ENGC / AFS Works as a Freelance Writer at freelance writer, editor
Ashley N. Seeley PSY / AFS
Chenequa L. Snell AFS / ENG
Deonte D. Austin AFS / WGS Works as an Epic Certified Instructional Designer (Curriculum Development) and
Principal Trainer at Hopkins Health System.
Jermarco A. Bennett, Jr. AFS Works as an Events Production and Customer Service Professional
Laura M. Block AFS / POL Works as a Senior Program Officer & CQUIN Deputy Director, ICAP at Columbia University
Katrina C. Broughton AFS / PSY
Wayne A. Chang, Jr. AFS / POL Works as a President at Invest Black Now Capital Group
Paige Klunk Drame AFS / MUS
Aiesha S. D. Gary AFS / WGS
Justin B. Joseph AFS / HIS Works as a Talent Advisor, Equality Talent Partners at Salesforce
Nicholas O. Rosenberger Experiential Education at Gettysburg College
Luke S. Mitchell HIS /AFS
Edwin H. Pinkerton MGT / AFS
Nicholas O. Rosenberger AFS / ENG
Rachel L. Rutter AFS / ENG Founder and Executive Director at Project Libertad
Edward L. Smith AFS / HIS
Robia A. Smith-Herman AFS / PSY Works as a Staff Therapist, Embedded BIPOC Specialist Drexel University
Troy A. Taylor AFS Works as a Social Studies Teacher at Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School
Lawrese E. Brown AFS / IDS
Jaclynn A. Cross AFS / ENG
Lauren C. Dembo AFS / HIS
Unique A. Patterson SOC / AFS
Ryan M. Tribue AFS
Randall M. Yingling AFS
Jermaine P. Alexander IND / AFS
William J. Green AFS / HIS
Jeffrey T. Monsma AFS / HIS
Savanah P. Ruth AFS / HIS
Emily G. Simmons ENG / AFS
Kyle F. Archer AFS
KAaron M. Hurd POL / AFS
Jessee J. Jeffers AFS
Nicole D. Jenkins HSCI / AFS
Imani L. Jones IDS / AFS
Simon D. Jones SOC / AFS
Yenylka Y. Ross AFS / WRI