The Africana Studies program offers two annual awards.

The Anna Julia Cooper, Cheikh Anta-Diop, W.E.B. DuBois Award for Academic Excellence in Africana Studies
Given to an Africana Studies major or minor who demonstrates an exemplary combination of significant scholarship, at least a 3.1 average in Africana Studies, and service to the college and larger community.

Previous Winners

2022 Anderson M. Gray
2021 Melanie Pangol
2020 Joshua Bryan-Brown
2020 Caroline P. Lloyd
2019 Suleymi Suarez
2018 Alexa J. Laboy
2017 Hannah M. Dallmann
2016 Erin M. Durant
2015 Rashida Aluko-Roberts
2014 Alexandra K. Milano
2013 Lauren H. Roedner
2012 Kristy Chantal Bryant-Hassler
2011 Rachel L. Rutter
2010 Lawrese E. Brown
2009 Jeffrey T. Monsma
2008 Aaron M. Hurd
2007 Simon D. Jones
2005 Kenneth Willians Jr.
2004 Stacey Turner
2003 Meghan Paul-Cook
2002 Lauren A. Hildebrand
2001 Justin D. Arnold and Benjamin Stoltenberg
2000 Rebecca M. Hildebran
1999 Bev-Freda L. Jackson
1998 Dana M. Madison
1997 Edward R. Deitz, Jr., and Marlene D. Warner

The Toni Morrison-Wole Soyinka African American Studies Essay Award
Named for two extraordinary writers, Toni Morrison and Wole Soyinka, this award is presented annually to the student who writes the best essay on a theme related to continental Africa and/or diasporan Africa. Essays may be submitted by students enrolled in any Gettysburg College class, or will be chosen from work submitted in Africana Studies courses.

Previous Winners

2023 Julian S. Coley
2022 Not awarded
2021 Cole M. Froehlich
2021 Anna G. Audia
2020 Max Bouchard
2019 Camille Minns
2018 Keira B. Koch
2018 Danielle E. Kupersmith
2017 Michael A. Deleon
2017 Jade D. Kling
2016 Rebecca J. Barth
2015 Benjamin S. Sherbacow
2014 Erin C. O'Conor and Brandi K. Lauer
2013 Rashida Aluko-Roberts
2012 Kirsten Myers
2011 Alyson Buck
2010 Ellen M. Speake
2009 Catherine Hagler
2008 Jeremy Arnold
2003 Emily Joy Voss
2002 Kathleen A. Zawrotniak
2001 Alex Armster-Wikoff
2000 Lauren A. Hildebrand
1999 Michael P. LaPuma
1998 Rebecca M. Hildebran
1997 T. Pemberton Brown and Kim K. Westerman

The "Ankh Maat Wedjau" Honor Society is a non-secret, non-profit organization which promotes scholarly study, research, publication and other scholarly activity in the field of Africana Studies among students at academic institutions, and among academic professionals in the field of Africana studies. More information