Diversity Statement

Diversity makes us stronger

We in the Biology Department recognize and appreciate that diversity makes us stronger. We strive to be a learning and research community where all curious and engaged students, faculty, and staff can thrive, embracing all cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, immigration statuses, sexual orientations, age and gender identities, and individuals with disabilities. The development and establishment of a diverse community is an ongoing process that requires sustained commitment. We commit to this process.

We acknowledge the role that biology as a field has played in shaping and perpetuating societal biases and practices regarding diversity, in ways that have been problematic or explicitly racist, sexist, or otherwise unjust. Despite the many ways that biology has improved human welfare, these problems persist. We as biologists and educators have a unique responsibility to use our perspectives and expertise to help build a more equitable, inclusive, and just society.

Specific steps we are currently committed to taking include:

  • Maximizing the success of all students by working to eliminate achievement gaps.
  • Continuously updating teaching practices, with an eye towards inclusivity and actively engaging societal challenges.
  • Regularly soliciting feedback from diversity focused groups on campus.
  • Creating and implementing a peer mentorship program.