Kay Etheridge





Campus Box 0392


McCreary Hall
Room 225
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400


BS Auburn University
MS Auburn University
PhD University of Florida

Academic Focus

animal physiology, science history

Kay Etheridge teaches Comparative Animal Physiology (BIO 340), Form and Function (BIO 112), and IDS and FYS courses on the intertwined nature of art and science. Her publications in physiology and ecology include work on tropical bats, manatees, hibernation in lizards, estivation in aquatic salamanders, and metabolic control by thyroid hormones in snakes. She also publishes on the integration of art (natural history images) and the history of biology, including work on Leonardo da Vinci and Maria Sibylla Merian. 

Dr. Etheridge has mentored a variety of student research projects in physiology. Recent student projects include a clinical study on peripheral artery disease, cortisol levels in stressed animals.

The K-12 science education program, Advancing Science, was designed by Dr. Etheridge, who has been the program director since 1994. This Gettysburg College outreach program makes over 30,000 student contacts per year in the schools of south-central Pennsylvania. Currently the program is funded by a three-year NOAA grant supporting environmental education in grades 4-6. This program also offers unique opportunities for Gettysburg College students to participate in pre-college science education.