Department Facilities and Technological Resources

Information Technology maintains a campus-wide computing network. We support integrated development environments for several programming languages, and students have free access to a number of application packages. In addition, our department has its own state-of-the-art laboratory containing 18 Linux machines with 8GB RAM and quad-core processors. These machines are connected to a Sun Blade with dual UltraSPARC processors that is used as a local file server. These machines are used for most of our courses and for  research topics. There are also several additional Linux machines clustered in other locations throughout the departmental area for student use.

Our laboratory is also equipped with a state-of-the-art projection system that includes four projectors and a SMART Board. There are two machines, one Linux and one Windows, available to the instructor or student assistants. The room is designed so that students can easily see what is being projected without having to turn away from his or her terminal. The furniture is also unique in that each workstation has a desk to work on that faces forward and a computer that faces sideways. The desks can be folded down to facilitate group work.

Additionally, we have:

  • three MacBook Pro computers with Apple Developer Licenses, enabling our students to develop iPhone/iPod/iPad apps; iPad and iPod touches for testing
  • a SmartTable which has been used for Senior Capstone projects
  • dozens of Arduino microcontrollers with soldering and prototyping materials and equipment (think Make magazine)
  • Logic Pro with multiple third-party plugins, Axiom midi keyboard, condenser mic, and analog-to-digital input, for game music composition and sound effects design
  • Canon EOS Rebel XT digital SLR camera, macro lens, tripod, and Photoshop for development of graphical elements
  • an energetic faculty and student body to explore the possibilities of these resources!