Success After Gettysburg

What can I do with a degree in East Asian Studies?

East Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary endeavor employing social, economic, political and cultural studies to integrate perspectives from multiple disciplines and to prepare for any career as a global citizen.

As a student of foreign language and culture, you will have developed skills and concepts that are relevant to every area of employment. Knowledge of the Chinese or Japanese language is very useful in business, the social sciences, engineering, economics, public administration, the civil or foreign services, government, and teaching, and the ability to communicate on a multicultural level is highly valued both domestically and internationally.

What do students with an East Asian Studies major or minor do after graduation?

Graduates from our department have taken a wide variety of paths after leaving Gettysburg College. Many have gone on to pursue higher degrees in graduate schools in the United States or abroad, while others decide to teach English through the highly-respected JET and CET Programs. Recent graduates have obtained jobs serving as cultural ambassadors in China for major cross-cultural events and organizations, including Peace Corps, working for an American company based in China, working for research foundations and the Japanese Embassy in D.C., and teaching high school level Japanese.