The Education Department is proud to graduate some of the most dedicated, well-prepared young teachers working today. And make no mistake about it: our teachers are not only working in traditional classrooms. They are also extending their knowledge in graduate school, pursuing work in the government sector and in private industry, working in non-profit settings, and doing a whole host of other things that put their teaching skills to the test. Click through the links to the left to read more about our graduates and, if you're an alum, to share your story with us. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Program Outcomes

We have been educating teachers at Gettysburg College since the day the College opened in 1832. We're exceptionally proud of our graduates. They routinely exceed the expectations set for them not only by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which has the sole authority to license teachers in Pennsylvania, but also by the Education Department. We prepare teachers for the classroom by asking them to complete a rigorous curriculum complemented by extensive field experiences and punctuated by an intensive student teaching internship. Along the way, our teacher candidates compile artifacts in a portfolio to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained in their evolution from student to teacher.

We also prepare students for graduate work via the Educational Studies minor program or for other lines of work associated with education. Some even leave the field of education entirely—but they never really leave behind the experiences they gained as part of their immersion in the study of education.

And how are we doing? Here are just a few quick facts about our recent program graduates:

  • Our Praxis II pass rate—Praxis II is the content-area exam all prospective teachers must pass prior to initial certification—is 100%.
  • Over the past ten years, our students have earned an average score of 183 on the Praxis II exams they have taken (scores range from 100-200, with passing scores between 150-160); over 30% have earned a score above 190. Nine have earned scores between 198 and 200.
  • We have alumni working in traditional public schools, charter schools, and independent private schools; leading after school tutoring programs; working as Teach for America corps members, or in other teaching fellowship programs; and engaged in education in a variety of other ways.
  • We have program alumni in faculty positions at Dartmouth College, the College of Charleston, and St. Joseph's University, among others; our alums have recently been accepted to or are pursuing graduate work at such esteemed universities as the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Cambridge, Teachers College at Columbia University, Boston College, and the University of Maryland. Our alumni consistently are accepted into the most prestigious programs in their fields of interest.
We’re exceptionally proud of the great work our graduates are doing, and strive to always do more to help our students adjust to life after Gettysburg. If you’re an alum and would like to share your story, please be sure to contact us by completing the Alumni Update Form. If you're a prospective student, or, really, anyone with questions about our program, please send us an inquiry with your question by completing the Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you!