Student Learning Outcomes

We aim to prepare reflective, empathetic teacher—leaders who facilitate student inquiry from democratic and critical—multicultural perspectives, help students relate concepts and skills learned in school to their own lives, and foster social, cognitive and emotional growth for all students. The teachers we prepare are knowledgeable, passionate about education, value the arts, and work consistently to improve their teaching through the integration of theory and practice. They are deeply committed to teaching the whole child by promoting cultural diversity, social justice, social cooperation, and genuine social and political equality.
Students enrolled in the education program will demonstrate the knowledge, pedagogical skill, and dispositions necessary to teach effectively or otherwise shape the educational experiences of others by:

  • Developing critically—oriented, reflective thinking skills and empathy for all learners in order to consistently improve teaching practices;
  • Facilitating student inquiry into the nature of things from democratic and critical multicultural perspectives;
  • Relating theoretical concepts and skills to educational practice to enrich students’ lives;
  • Focusing on the development of the whole child by encouraging the personal, moral, social, cognitive, and emotional growth of all learners;
  • Demonstrating a commitment to facilitating meaningful learning through the development of worthwhile, creative, and arts—based learning experiences and assessments; and
  • Engaging in teaching practice that demonstrates respect for cultural diversity, educational equity, social justice, and social cooperation.