Career Options

Career options for English majors

A liberal arts degree in English is excellent preparation for a career in teaching, writing, publishing, journalism, law, government, and many other fields. At Gettysburg College, students of English gain skills that give them an edge in any career: critical thinking, persuasive argumentation, close reading, and concise communication.

On-campus internship options

In particular, Gettysburg College English majors come away with highly developed writing skills. Whether a student majors in English or English with a Concentration in Writing or minors in Writing, opportunities to hone one's writing style abound at Gettysburg College, both within the classroom and beyond. For example:

  • The weekly student newspaper, an annual literary magazine, and a yearbook offer students the chance to gain writing, editing, and production experience.
  • Students of English can also work as interns at The Gettysburg Review, the College's nationally distributed literary journal. Interns work closely with the editorial staff to gain hands-on publishing experience.
  • The department's honors program gives seniors with strong academic records an opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor to research and write an extended thesis on a topic of the student's choice.

On-campus employment options

In addition, the English Department oversees several employment options that serve as valuable training for students interested in either writing or teaching.

  • Gettysburg's Writing Center offers peer tutoring opportunities for excellent writers. Tutoring is an especially exciting option for students who are interested in careers in teaching or who are planning on doing graduate work.
  • A limited number of student teaching assistantships are available, in which students gain teaching experience by leading small-group discussions, working one-on-one with peers, and perhaps commenting on student papers and exams, and otherwise assisting faculty members. Students can also serve as research assistants, aiding faculty in areas such as preliminary online, library, and bibliographic research.

Graduate School Options

Graduating English majors often pursue graduate studies in writing and literature and in fields such as business, social work, law, and urban planning, among others. Recent Gettysburg College English graduates have been accepted into graduate programs (MA, MFA, PhD and Law) at prestigious institutions such as the University of Virginia, Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Iowa, and Johns Hopkins University.