Study Abroad

Opportunities to Study Abroad as an English Major

on the bridgeMore than half of Gettysburg College English majors spend a semester studying abroad. English majors may receive credit for participating in any number of Study Abroad programs; such participation usually takes place in a student's third year. English majors are especially encouraged to study in Britain, in such programs as Bath and Lancaster.


A favorite program for English majors and minors is Advanced Studies in England at Bath, offered in association with University College, Oxford. This program is available during both the fall and spring semesters.

  • Bath is a city large enough to reflect some two thousand years of culture, yet small enough to provide a friendly, intellectually-challenging atmosphere. Students are taught by professors from University College and Oxford University, and spend a week in residence at Oxford (their instructor’s home campus) and at Stratford-Upon-Avon. Students who go to Bath also take side trips during their courses.


Also of special interest to English majors and minors is the Lancaster Study Abroad program in Lancaster, England. This program offers students such opportunities as living and learning both in London and at the University of Lancaster. This program is offered in the fall semester only.

  • Students participate in an extensive four-week seminar in either London or Lancaster; then they enroll in the British autumn term at Lancaster University, where they live with British and international students and are taught by British faculty.

Contact the English Department to learn more about course credit in Bath or Lancaster. Because these are affiliated programs, grades and financial aid are transferred, and courses may count toward major requirements.

Other Programs:

The College can provide information on other programs, including those that offer students the opportunity to study abroad in the spring semester or during summer break as well as during the fall semester.

Information about this and other Study Abroad programs can be found at the Center for Global Education on the 2nd floor of the College Union Building (CUB).