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ES students and faculty members work side-by-side on research projects that lead to publications in scholarly journals and professional conference presentations. Student-faculty collaboration is a priority not only in the ES department, but throughout Gettysburg College, which helps students obtain support for undergraduate research and creative activities.

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Open access publications by ES students

Occurrence and Ecosystem Effects of Hiking Off-Trail in Michaux State Forest

Diana Biesecker et al. — Thu, 06 Oct 2022

American public lands provide significant outdoor recreational opportunities that enhance an individual's physical and mental well-being. Hiking is an example of a highly accessible and affordable recreational...

The North ‘Helicoptering’ into the South: A Meta-Analysis of Parachute Science in Ecological Field Studies

Alexandros Economou-Garcia — Thu, 06 Oct 2022

Science is increasingly collaborative, but scientists from the Global North (GN) often fail to collaborate with local scientists or to build local scientific capacity when conducting research in the...

Leveraging Land Easements for Grassland Bird Habitat Conservation

Amy N. Marigliano et al. — Mon, 12 Sep 2022

In addressing the decline of North American grassland bird populations, it is important to consider the various interdisciplinary approaches that can be employed in their conservation. OECMs, or “other...

Sea Level Rise and Public Perceptions of Climate Change at Otter Point Creek Estuarine Reserve, MD

Haley A. Bechtel et al. — Mon, 27 Jun 2022

Freshwater tidal marshes are essential stopover points for migratory birds traveling up and down the east coast of North America. Given the importance of these habitats, we examined the effects of sea...

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