Capstone Internships

Why do a Capstone Internship? 

Through the Center for Career Engagement and the HS Department, HS majors have the opportunity to participate in a capstone internship experience. 

 A capstone internship will provide evidence that the student has mastered significant content in the major and will ask students to demonstrate effective, discipline specific communication skills.  It affirms the goal that every Gettysburg College student achieves this level of intellectual mastery and integration.

General Information: 

  1. The capstone internship typically is completed the summer between the junior and senior year (HS 478). Special approval from the HS Capstone Internship Coordinator may be approved for a capstone internship to be completed during the fall or spring semester of the senior year (HS 476). 
  1. One academic credit will be granted for the 160-hour capstone internship if all requirements are met. 
  1. The capstone internship will be graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). 
  1. To register and submit your learning contract, log in to Student Center and go to Self Service, Center for Career Engagement, and Internships – Student Access. 
  1. The HS Capstone Internship Coordinator and the Capstone Internship Site Supervisor must formally approve the internship at least one month before the end of the semester preceding the internship.
  1. The capstone internship must be closely related to the HS Department. In the past, HS students have completed internships in a variety of settings, including medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, exercise physiology, physician assistant, and cardiac rehabilitation. 
  1. Please contact the Center for Career Engagement for further information on ideas for capstone internships or previous HS student placements.

Capstone Internship Requirements: 

  1. Learning Contract: The student must complete a learning contract. See the “Student Guide: Registering a For Credit Internship Learning Contract” document.   
  1. Hours: The student must complete a minimum of 160 hours at the internship site. 
  1. Journal: The student must maintain a weekly journal.  The journal must be typed, double-spaced, and include the dates and hours worked, experiences, thoughts, and personal contacts.  The journal is submitted at the end of each week to Moodle. 
  1. Major Project: The major project will depend on the location of the capstone internship and the interests of the student and the Capstone Internship Site Supervisor. A two-page reflection of the major project is submitted to Moodle in the fall semester. 

Possible major projects include:

  • Writing a major grant proposal for the internship site.
  • Developing a major program for the internship site.
  • Implementing a major program (such as a wellness program) at the internship site.
  • With special approval - Major research paper: 10-15 pages on a topic that is relevant to the internship.  The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and include a title page and reference page. The paper must be properly referenced (APA style) with a minimum of 10 scholarly sources.
  1. Individual Presentation to HS Department: The student must give a professional poster presentation to the faculty and students of the HS Department. This is done during a Poster Showcase in the fall. The HS Capstone Internship Coordinator must approve the poster and will notify the student of the date and time for the Poster Showcase.  
  1. Supervisor Evaluation: At the end of the capstone internship, the Capstone Internship Site Supervisor must complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form that is sent electronically from the Center for Career Engagement.

Internship Timeline:


  • Learning contract completed.
  • Internship approved by HS Internship Coordinator, Capstone Internship Site Supervisor and the Center for Career Engagement.


  • Maintain weekly journal.
  • Complete major project.


  • Be sure all work has been submitted to Moodle, including weekly journals, reflective questions of major project.
  • Student gives individual professional presentation to the HS Department.