New International & Global Studies Major

International Affairs and Globalization Studies have merged to become International & Global Studies.

The new International & Global Studies major emphasizes a common multi-disciplinary set of core courses, a common expectation of study abroad and language learning, and the rigor of a methods course and senior seminar while allowing for the distinctive approaches of two tracks within the IGS major.

Because the two tracks include some self-design, students must complete an application for the major working closely with one of the faculty members of the International & Global Studies Committee. Applications for the International & Global Studies major must be submitted no later than the fall of the junior year.

Core Requirements

Core Requirements for the major include 4 foundation courses and 6 courses for the chosen track. At least 2 of the 6 courses must be at the 300-level.

The purpose of these core courses is to provide a common base of knowledge for all students as well as a basic set of skills and tools with which they can analyze global issues from the perspective of cultures, states, non-state actors, and systems.

Foundation courses are the following:

Anth 103 – Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Econ 104 – Principles of Macroeconomics
Pol 103 or 104 – International or Comparative Politics
Hist 103 or 110 – 19th or 20th Century World History

Tracks (6 Courses. At least 2 must be at the 300-level)

International Affairs
ECON 251 - International ECON [pre-req ECON 103 & 104]
POL 203, 242, 252 OR 253
[pre-req POL 103 or permission]
Three additional Select Electives [At least two disciplines, not ECON or POL]
HIST Selective elective

Global Studies
Region [Identify]
3 courses [1 at 300-level]

Theme [pick one]
3 courses [1 at 300-level]
Conflict Studies
Development Studies
Global Health
Global Business
Social Justice & Human Rights
Global Environmentalism
Global Culutre

ALL MAJORS also complete [4 Courses]
1 Methods Course
4 semesters of language study [2 for GC requirement, 2 for the IGS major. Not all classes need to be taking in the same language. These can be taken on or off-campus.

1 semester global study
1 Senior Seminar

Interested students can apply for the IGS major by sending an email to the IGS Chair at

Download the application and apply now! (PDF)