Major Checklist

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International & Global Studies
International Affairs Track
Major Check Sheet

I. Core Courses: The following courses act as general requirements for the major:

________________ANTH 103 (Intro to Cultural Anthropology)

________________ECON 104 (Macroeconomics)

________________POL 103 or 104 (International or Comparative Politics)

________________HIST 103 or 110 (19th or 20th Century World History)

II. International Affairs [two at the 300-level]:

________________ECON 251 (International Economics)

________________POL 203, 242, 252, or 253

________________Political Science Select Elective

Three additional electives from at least two disciplines, not including ECON or POL

________________History Select Elective



III. Four Semesters of Language Study:

[Note: Two courses are required for the Gettysburg College curriculum requirement, and an additional two are required for the major. Not all classes need be in the same language, and the courses may be completed either on or off-campus.]





IV. Methods Course:

_______________Approved course to fulfill Methods requirement

V. Senior Seminar:

_______________Approved course to fulfill Senior Seminar requirement

VI. Semester Abroad:

_______________Verified Semester Abroad

Total Courses Required: 14

Revised 10/2020