John A. Hauser Executive-in-Residence Program

The Department of Management Executive-in-Residence Program was initiated and endowed in honor of John A. Hauser by his family. Mr. Hauser, a philanthropist and business leader in Adams County, not only served on the board of trustees for Gettysburg College, but also contributed generously to the college in the form of many gifts. The focus of the Hauser Executive-in-Residence Program is business ethics and business morality in recognition of John Hauser’s strong passion for these aspects of business.

The Management Department hosted lectures in previous academic years

In addition to the Hauser Executive-in-Residence program, an award was established by the family of Mr. Hauser in his memory: the John A. Hauser Meritorious Prize in Business. Every year in the fall, the Department of Management faculty choose a senior to receive this award based on excellence in academic studies and campus leadership, while demonstrating good character and concern for high moral standards. This year on Fall Honor’s Day, the award will go to Grace Hurwitz, a senior in the Management Department.

Past and Present Recipients of the John A. Hauser Meritorious Prize in Business:

2022 Grace Hurwitz

2021 Victoria (Tori) Wierzbowicz

2020 Isabella (Izzy) Rose Fiore

2019 Katherine S. Ernst

2018 Carly E. Kalis

2017 Kara E. Urbaniak

2016 Mary C. Westerman

2015 Rebecca L. Borovsky

2014 Shelby T. Grubesky

2013 Connelly M. D. Doan

2012 Kelley Furman

2011 William Weiss

2010 Chelsea A. Seibel

2009 Nicholas W. Kukla

2008 Jessica M. Orso

2007 Kristin M. Makar

2006 Lara K. Grieco

2005 Marie E. Goddu

2004 Victoria L. Rapport

2003 Michelle R. Dorsch

2002 Katrina H. Buchholtz

2001 Laura M. Rockwell

2000 Gwen C. Ceton

1999 Paul M. Smith

1998 Michelle A. Vojtush

1997 Jennifer L. Krug

1996 Paul L. Howard

1995 Kimberly A. Oliver

1994 Daniel M. Spinner

1993 Katherine S. Glatfelter

1992 Gregory M. Ochs

1991 William R. Appler

1990 Todd D. Webber

1990 Tracey S. Snyder

1989 Paula A. Campitelli

1988 Laura C. Pike

1987 Patricia Hunter

1986 Michael H. Mayone

1986 Stephen James Brenneman

1985 Barbara Lynne Smith