Student Assistants

Our students play an integral part in keeping the Physics Department running smoothly. Whether as graders, peer learning associates, laboratory and/or research assistants, they help keep the Physics Department running smoothly, while obtaining valuable experience.

Typical Student Assistant opportunities are:

  • Laboratory Equipment Set-Up Normally awarded to first year students and/or sophomores, work time varies from 4 to 8 hours a week, the workload may be shared by two or more students.
  • Special Services These jobs are awarded on the basis of skill to students who have metal shop, electronic, photographic, library, and computer skills. The number of hours per week varies, and in most cases the student can work at his or her convenience.
  • Student Checkers Some professors may employ junior and senior physics majors for checking homework in introductory physics courses. Interested students must have demonstrated knowledge of the subject and be extremely conscientious. Students do not check examinations.
  • Laboratory AssistantsTypically awarded to seniors or outstanding juniors, this work takes place in an elementary laboratory under the supervision of a faculty member. Lab assistants are responsible for answering student questions and helping them with experiments. This position requires dedication and provides some of the best experience a physics major can obtain.
  • Research Assistants When funds are available, faculty members hire students to aid in research. Such jobs often allow students the chance to master advanced work.

Students interested in working for the Physics Department are encouraged to speak with a faculty member at the beginning of each semester.