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Blood Borne Pathogens Workshop

Center for Career Development

Center for Public Service

Websites with Lists of Summer Opportunities

Blood Borne Pathogen Workshop

  • Twice each semester, Gettysburg College offers a short Blood Borne Pathogens workshop to familiarize students with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for blood borne pathogens.
  • The workshop covers common blood borne pathogens and shows individuals how to protect themselves from exposure.
  • Students receive a certificate following the completion of the workshop. Many healthcare facilities require students to receive such training before shadowing or working at the facility.

Center for Career Engagement

The Center for Career Development is committed to helping students gain health-related experience.

  • The Center for Career Development can help students identify health care professionals for shadowing experiences.
  • The Center for Career Development sponsors many externships. Several of these experiences are in health care settings.
  • Through the Center for Career Development, students can participate in an internship. Stop by the office or register for eRecruiting to see what opportunities are available.

Center for Public Service

  • The Center for Public Service organizes, promotes, and supports public and community service by members of the Gettysburg College community. Many local health care facilities need volunteers!
  • In addition, several of the immersion projects sponsored by the Center for Public Service has a medical theme.
  • Be sure to drop by the Center for Public Service to learn about the many available opportunities.

Websites with Lists of Summer Opportunities

The following websites maintain lists of summer opportunities: