Pre-Health Professions


Gettysburg College helps students meet the challenges of planning for and applying to medical school and other graduate programs in the health professions.

In addition to a strong, flexible curriculum and excellent facilities, Gettysburg College provides:

  • Individualized guidance for four years
  • Shadowing, externship, and internship opportunities
  • Affiliations with professional schools

Preparing for graduate school in the health professions within a liberal arts context at Gettysburg College is increasingly valuable because health professions graduate schools demand:

  • Well-rounded students
  • Students trained in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Students demonstrating exceptional communication skills
  • Students with a life-long desire to learn

Getting Started

If you are considering a health professions career, the first thing to do is to complete the Registration Form (Please refrain from completing the form until you are assigned a valid Gettysburg College email address). You will then receive e-mail updates and information on a variety of programs, lectures, and other events happening on and off campus.

In the meantime, you are encouraged to become familiar with the vast array of helpful materials available here within the Pre-Health Professions pages, to turn your health professions dream into a reality!


Alyssa Kaewwilai

Pre-health advising prepared Ben Crookshank ’17 for career in medicine