Psychology Department

Richard Russell





Campus Box 0407


McCreary Hall
Room 319
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400


BA Pomona College, 1998
PhD MIT, 2005

Academic Focus

Visual perception and person perception

Richard Russell regularly teaches classes on sensory perception and research methods. 

Work in his laboratory is focused on developing a biolgically-based account of how and why makeup works, and understanding how we perceive faces and make inferences about people from their facial appearance.  This involves investigating physical differences between faces, such as how the face changes with age, how male and female faces differ, and how do the faces of healthy and unhealthy people differ.  The work also involves studying how we form impressions of other people, such as how old they are, how healthy they are, and whether we find them attractive.


Courses Taught