Since his graduation in 2006 Michael Kiser has seen the world as an officer in the United States Army. Michael, who serves in the Armored Division of the military, was a Tank Platoon Leader during a tour of duty in South Korea and currently serves as an Executive Officer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kirkuk, Iraq. His daily duties in Iraq include the maintenance of a fleet of 23 combat vehicles, 29 non-tactical vehicles, 12 generators and assorted equipment as well as managing a property book worth over 30 million dollars. He also keeps the company supplied with everything they need from basic office supplies like pens and paper to customized partnership signs and securing funding to place positive, pro-Coalition billboard ads. Michael explains the usefulness of his Religion major in these words:

My religion major prepared me because it gave me a good background in Islamic beliefs and developed in me an appreciation of other cultures and belief sets. It helped me value how others think and still evaluate their positions critically from multiple perspectives. This is extremely helpful when conducting day to day interactions with Iraqis and Kurds to develop trust and further positive relationships. It also helps me better understand where my soldiers are coming from, giving me insight into their needs and how to take care of them so that we all come home safely.”