Diversity and Inclusion Statement

To not speak of and attempt to redress the systemic injustices and inequities in the world is to be complicit in them. We shall not be complicit. One of the core missions within the Department of Sociology at Gettysburg College is to foster a deeper understanding of systemic and structural frameworks of inequalities within societies. This component of our mission includes deep engagement with principles of social equity, active antiracist work and an end of systemic violence and oppressions. These principles inform the classes we teach, the research we conduct, and are fundamental to our identity as sociologists both in our local and professional communities. We affirm our commitment to social justice and equity working to end systemic racism through antiracism activism and education, and seek an end to all forms of unjust oppression. We call upon our students, alumni, and colleagues to do the same, as accomplices and leaders in their communities.