Celebration Welcome and Instructions

Virtual Celebration '21 Link

A Note of Welcome

Welcome to Celebration ‘21: A Colloquium on Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity

As in past, Celebration will bring together a wide range of engaged and energized students as they present their great work in thesis research, independent study, coursework, and visual, performing, and studio arts. What makes this year different, however, is that we’re holding the event virtually, using technology to feature students’ projects in place of the usual poster session in Bream gym.

Each showcase that is featured on this Acadiate platform will contain a representation of the student’s work as well as a 3-5 minute video of them summarizing their project and indicating what they have learned from conducting it.

Celebration has always been designed to lift up the intellectual life of the campus, providing an opportunity for all students to experience and share with each other the challenging variety and intellectual depth that is represented by the Gettysburg Curriculum. Further, however, it is our hope that the showcases you view will serve as tangible proof that our dedicated faculty and academically gifted students truly celebrate what is the goal of a liberal arts education i.e., “…to help students develop critical thinking skills, broad vision, effective communication, [and} a sense of the inter-relatedness of all knowledge” (Gettysburg College’s mission statement).

For more detailed information regarding how to use the virtual platform, please read the Celebration instructions.

Thank you for your interest in Celebration ’21. As indicated in the instructions, you are able and encouraged to write a few words of support to individual student presenters. I know they would appreciate it.

Maureen E. Forrestal

Assistant Provost for Student Scholarly Engagement

How to navigate the Virtual Celebration website

To browse the showcases and leave feedback or ask questions:

  1. In the lobby, browse the showcases or use the search function to search by: Student name, faculty mentor name, research topic field, course title/number, or keyword
  2. Click on the student’s showcase to enter.
  3. Viewing the poster tips:
    1. To maintain poster quality and readability, please use the zoom function (- +) located above the poster, especially if you are on a mobile device.
  4. To view the student’s introductory video:
    1. More materials are located at the bottom of the left sidebar.
    2. Mobile device: You may need to click on “Showcase menu” at the top of the page to access the sidebar.
  5. To leave a public comment:
    1. In the sidebar, under the student’s name, click on the blue “Comments” button.
    2. Enter your name, email and comment.
    3. Click “Add Comment”.
  6. To send an email directly to the student:
    1. In the sidebar, under the student’s name, click on the blue “Contact” button.
    2. This will automatically bring up Outlook with the student’s email address populated.
  7. To exit the student’s showcase and return to the lobby, click on the yellow “Back” button at the top of the screen.