Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I see the information that my student has entered in the online registration form.

A. Go into your Faculty Center ⇒ GBC Menus ⇒ Celebration Link ⇒ Name of student ⇒ Project Details

Q: Can my department Administrative Assistant access the student information as well?

A. Yes. They too will go into PeopleSoft and follow the steps above.

Q. What file type should students use to create their posters?

A. PowerPoint works best. It will be one slide resized to 36" h x 48" w.

Q. Where should the poster file be sent for printing?

A. The poster file and Ricoh request form should be emailed to

Q. Is there a cost to print the poster?

A. Ricoh charges $24.18 per poster. This is usually paid by the student.

Q. What is the deadline for submitting a poster?

A. The firm deadline in April 17, 2020. Files received after this date will not be guaranteed to be completed in time for Celebration.