Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I see the information that my student has entered in the online registration form.

A. Go into your Faculty Center ⇒ GBC Menus ⇒ Celebration Link ⇒ Name of student ⇒ Project Details

Q: Can my department Administrative Assistant access the student information as well?

A. Yes. They too will go into PeopleSoft and follow the steps above.

Q. What file type should students use to create their posters?

A. PowerPoint works best. It will be one slide resized to 36" h x 48" w. This year, Gene in Ricoh has also asked us to ask the students to send the pdf of their poster in addition to the PowerPoint slide.

Q. Where should the poster file be sent for printing?

A. The poster files and Ricoh request form should be emailed to

Q. Is there a cost to print the poster?

A. Ricoh charges $24.18 per poster. We are paying $10 towards each poster this year because we realize that this is a jump in cost from last year. I don’t know if we’ll be able to continue this practice going forward, depending upon how many posters are submitted each year, but we’ll try. Please stress with the student that we will offer this discount for only one printing of a given poster! They must bring the balance in cash when they go to pick up their poster at Ricoh. If they don’t pay in cash, the discount will not apply. Also, if your department is paying the remaining $14.18, please make sure that the student indicates this in the email they send to Ricoh with the poster attachment.

Q. What is the deadline for submitting a poster?

A. The deadline is Friday, April 17, 2020. Ricoh has told us that any files received after this date cannot be guaranteed to be completed in time for Celebration. They will do the best they can for those who submit after this date on a first-come, first-served basis so even if a student needs to submit past the deadline, it is to the student’s benefit to submit as quickly after the deadline as possible.

Q. What are important dates to remember?

A. March 27: Finalized abstracts/brief project descriptions must be submitted via the PeopleSoft online registration.

April 17: Poster files must be submitted to Ricoh; late submissions will be printed only as time allows.