Colloquium on Undergraduate Research, and Creative Activity

Encourage Your Students to Present

Celebration ’20 is ideally suited to those students in your department who have conducted substantive research, written exceptional papers, and/or created interesting projects in the visual and performing arts.

  • Each student must complete the online registration form. They can apply individually or team up with a group. It is best to have a lead person register the group and invite the remaining students to participate. Students whose project is for a course in the sciences or social sciences will present their research in poster format.

Students You Have Mentored in Research

If you have a student or students that you have mentored in their work, please consider encouraging them to present. Not only does each student need a sponsor - but sponsoring students for Celebration ’20 is a natural extension of doing research and creative work with them.

  • By agreeing to sponsor a student, you are stating that their research/creative work is worthy of inclusion in Celebration ’20 and will assist the student with presentation preparation. You will receive an email notification of the students registration. If you do not agree to mentor this student, please email Maureen Forrestal at celebration@gettysburg.edu immediately.

Sponsoring Other Students

If a student approaches you who has done his/her research elsewhere -- such as during a study abroad program, off-campus internship, or REU -- we would ask that you serve as the student's sponsor, as long as you determine that the work is their own and that it meets with your standards.

  • The student should note in his/her project description where the work was conducted and who the original mentor was, in order to give the host institution’s faculty member credit as well.
Attending Celebration: Faculty, Staff and Students

Faculty and staff are warmly invited and encouraged to attend Celebration ’20. We also welcome your family members, as this is a Gettysburg College community event.

In addition, please urge all of your students to attend, even if they decide not to present this year.

  • In this way, students can support their classmates and celebrate their achievements.
  • What’s more, Celebration ’20 is a wonderful opportunity for first-year students to see what possibilities and experiences might be in store for them if they work hard.

Celebration ’20 encourages all of our students to learn about and appreciate high achievement in disciplines other than their own.