Application information

Before You Begin

  1. Speak to your faculty mentor about your desire to present at Celebration.
  2. If presenting in collaboration with other students, make sure the name of each student is included on registration form.
    Please note: every student in the group must go online to register.
  3. Type your poster project title and poster project description in Word then copy and paste into the form.

In the Student Center

  • Click on the Celebration link beside your Semester’s Schedule under “My Academics.”
  • Provide the necessary details about the presentation. You can return to the form to edit until the given deadline.
  • Mentor provides contextual information to the committee if he/she is in disagreement of the project registration.

Be sure to complete all fields, then click “save and send emails”to save the information entered.

You can re-enter the form at any time before the deadline to make edits, updates and deletions to your registration.

Important note: All students participating in Celebration must go into the Student Center Celebration Application Form and complete the appropriate form for their part in the presentation in order to be included in event scheduling and printed and online materials.

In the Faculty Center

Select GBC Menus⇒ Celebration ⇒ Name of Student⇒ Project Details.