Donor Profile: Kathy Tarr Coscia '82

Kathy Tarr Coscia '82

Kathy Tarr Coscia '82
Kathy Tarr Coscia '82 with her husband Ralph

Kathy Croscia is enjoying her retirement after a successful career in IT security, most recently at Vanguard, where she worked for 17 years.  She splits her time now between Ormond Beach, FL, and Phoenixville, PA.

What excites you most about the College and/or its current generation of students?
The community spirit has not only evolved over the last 40 years since I attended the 'Burg, it has also continued the friendliness and camaraderie I experienced and treasure.

What do you most value from your Gettysburg College education?
I value the liberal arts aspect of my college education. Through my career, I stayed a generalist in my discipline so I was a go-to person. In my opinion, this helped to make my career successful.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Though I am a very social extrovert, I love spending time by myself.

You are most likely to be found…
At the beach in Ormond Beach, Florida, or by a pool reading a book.

Why has it been important to you to give back to the College?
I was very lucky to receive state and federal grants, so I want to give back.

What made you decide to establish the Kathryn D. Tarr ’82 Leadership Award?
My grandparents taught me to give back. I was a Resident Advisor/Coordinator. I felt a Residential Life Leadership award where the criteria would be leadership rather than financial need or scholarship was perfect. This award fit what I wanted to do for a student who chose to serve the Gettysburg College residential community.

What advice would you give to incoming students?
Be true to yourself and don't follow the norm unless that works for you. College is where you should spread your wings. It's ok to be scared at times.  There will always be friends for you on campus, go find them.