Leadership development programs for alumni

Need to develop your skills? Need to get unstuck? We can help.

We believe in your potential to lead. Our leadership coaches partner with you in a process that encourages reflection, embraces challenge, and inspires self-discovery.

Skills-Based Leadership Coaching is a personalized service that connects young alumni to trained leadership coaches. The coaches help the young alumni to achieve a specific, and timely, leadership development goal. Coaches help young alumni in these specific leadership areas: Self-Awareness, Team Leadership, Becoming a New Leader, Effective Interpersonal Communication, Navigating, Influencing, and Engaging Stakeholders.

The coaching engagement lasts approximately twelve (12) weeks and requires a great deal of personal investment from the client.

Enrollment in the program is ongoing. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Andy Hughes at ahughes@gettysburg.edu.