Q&A: Anthony Choi ’23 reflects on internship at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Through his Gettysburg College education, Anthony Choi ’23 has grasped the innerworkings of public policy and legislative processes. After taking a course in financial regulation policy and learning about bank regulations and government responses during a financial crisis, the public policy and political science double major decided to pursue an internship at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Upon landing the position, he learned more about financial policy in real-world government scenarios.

This internship and other on-campus experiences—as the secretary for the Gettysburg chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society, and an undergraduate fellow of the Eisenhower Institute, studying labor economics and policy in the post-COVID era—helped Choi develop a greater passion and appreciation for public policy.

Choi reflected on his internship and how his Gettysburg education helped him prepare for a transformative career experience.

What inspired you to come to Gettysburg from California?

“Gettysburg is relatively close to Washington, D.C., and other state capitals like Harrisburg. Because I want to work in public policy, I thought that coming to Gettysburg would be the best decision to make from a career perspective. Also, after I got accepted, I went to an Orange and Blue Day Visit, and I really enjoyed the overall campus atmosphere.” 

Who has mentored you during your time here?

“[Political Science] Prof. Bruce Larson has been one of the personal mentors that I’ve had over the years in college. He first really helped me out when I declared my major for political science and public policy, around September of my first year, but he also connected me to a lot of public policy alumni.

“I’ve taken five classes with him: my current capstone; American Government; Methods of Political Science; U.S. Congress; and Topics in American Government: Money, Power, and Political Representation in the United States. These courses helped me to better grasp the backbone of legislative processes that govern Congressional policymaking, as well as the structure of organized interests and political parties and their influence on Congressional elections and public policies.”

How did your Gettysburg education prepare you for this internship?

“In the fall of 2021, I took a course called Financial Regulation Policy, where I learned both how financial markets and institutions are regulated and how policies are made within the Federal Reserve and federal executive agencies. That course, in particular, taught me about financial regulation policymaking and monetary policymaking, and I have been interested in public policies in the realm of financial services ever since.” 

Anthony Choi ’23
Anthony Choi ’23 visiting Los Angeles with other interns

What did your internship entail?

“I interned as a government and civic relations intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and I had the opportunity to observe legislative processes and activities at the federal, state, and local levels. During the internship, I took part in a wide range of work, including contributing to weekly email updates pertaining to federal, state, and local legislative activities on topics related to financial technologies, services, and regulations and economic outlooks. I also researched different Congressional bills and took notes on Congressional hearings.” 

What was the best part of your internship? 

“I met so many great people who were extremely supportive and understanding. They came from really diverse and impressive backgrounds from different schools, so it was great to hear their stories and talk to them. Because San Francisco is a city, I was able to share a meal or grab coffee with people outside of work and strengthen our connections that way. I even visited Los Angeles. Meeting those people and being able to network outside of work was a great experience.”

What do you plan to do upon graduation?

“Following my graduation from Gettysburg College, I hope to pursue a career in public policy that focuses on financial technologies like blockchain and crypto. While I’m primarily interested in working in Congress as a staffer on these policy areas, I am also considering a career in state or local government.”

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By Katie Lauriello ’25
Photos courtesy of Anthony Choi ’23
Posted: 12/05/22

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