VIDEO: Creating a culture of innovative thinking

The Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Initiative at Gettysburg College

As the College’s first Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Economics Prof. Drew Murphy ’84 is finding ways to cultivate a culture of innovative thinking and effective problem solving across all majors and all class years.


By launching the Entrepreneurial and Social Innovation Initiative (E-SII). This new program is the focal point for entrepreneurship and innovation at Gettysburg College, providing a series of workshops, lectures, hands-on experiences, and curricular connections that transcend academic departments and build on the success of the Entrepreneurial Fellowship.

By challenging students to tackle diverse learning experiences and gain valuable practical experience, E-SII aligns with the College’s strategic plan: preparing students both personally and professionally for lives of innovation in order to address the complex issues of our world.

Learn more about what Murphy brings to this program and why he thinks the skills learned from entrepreneurial thinking are beneficial to all students, regardless of their intended career path.