Parent to Parent: Making your child’s college journey their own

Aaron Levy, younger brother Ben Levy, mother Susan Levy, and Max Levy '22
From left to right: father Aaron Levy, younger brother Ben Levy, mother Susan Levy, and Max Levy ’22

As your family embarks on your child’s journey to select a college, I would like to share a bit with you about what the journey has been like for our son, Max ’22. My husband, Aaron, attended a small private liberal arts school in Pennsylvania and, as a result of his extraordinary experience, he suggested that Max, our oldest, consider Gettysburg College. Max, however, initially thought he wanted a much larger school where he could be more anonymous.

Courtney Best, Gettysburg College’s West Coast admissions representative, met with Max in California for an interview and they shared a wonderful connection. In fact, Max came out smiling and said, “Okay, now I want to go see it in person.” Aaron and I were excited that he was open to visiting the campus, as we both felt in our hearts that it would be a much better fit for him, and we wanted him to come to that realization on his own.

We made the trip to campus and—I have to admit—I took one look around and thought, “Who wouldn’t want to go here? It’s really special.” But again, Aaron and I said nothing. Max spent the day touring, meeting with various staff members, sat in on a class, and spoke with a professor. When we reconnected at the end of the day, I asked Max—who was now wearing the Gettysburg sweatshirt he had bought at the bookstore—what he thought. He said, “Mom, I love it here. This is it. This is where I want to go.”

I am so happy to report that Max had an incredible first year and is thriving academically and socially in his sophomore year. Earlier in the semester, he texted me, “Mom, I am on top of my game and have never felt happier. Between my classes, the connections with my professors, the tennis team, and my friends, I feel so balanced.” Well, you can imagine how those words filled us with so much pride and comfort. His latest news is that he wants to study abroad next fall in Madrid, Spain, where he intends to complete his Spanish minor (health sciences is his major). Overall, Max’s experience at Gettysburg has been very positive, well-balanced, and successful. We are beyond thrilled for him.

I was once in your shoes and completely empathize with all of the feelings connected to this decision-making process. Wishing you and your family the best of luck with the college journey—it’s such an exciting time!

By Susan and Aaron Levy P’22 of Orinda, Calif.
Photo courtesy of the Levy family
Posted: 04/16/20