Listen to Episode 18 ‘Reflecting on 2020 with President Bob Iuliano and guest Interviewer Joe Lynch ’85’

Tune into a new episode of Gettysburg College’s podcast, Conversations Beneath the Cupola. In this episode, President Bob Iuliano is joined by Joe Lynch ’85, executive director of alumni relations at the College, who takes on the role of the interviewer and accompanies Iuliano on a 2020 year in review. Iuliano discusses some of the most pivotal moments of 2020, including the spread of COVID-19, the killing of George Floyd, a polarizing election year, and how these moments affected the world and the College. Pivoting from reflection to foresight, Iuliano also shares his goals for the world and the College in 2021.

“[In 2021,] I want to have what I had in my first semester, which was this really remarkable, vibrant, [unified] campus, where there were a thousand things going on at every given moment. And have the chance for me, in my role, to celebrate what our students are doing. That’s what I most want. So, if you want to put that under the Christmas tree, I’d be grateful,” Iuliano said in the episode.

The episode concludes with an anecdotal “Slice of Life” told from the president’s perspective. Iuliano uses this moment to call attention to an example of how our students and faculty take a creative and innovative approach to learning. In English Prof. Chris Fee’s English 318 class, students explore myth, legend, and folklore, and at the end of each semester record an original podcast on a lore-related topic. Iuliano shares an excerpt from Alejandro Kaempfer’s ’22 episode about how social media and electronic communication have transformed storytelling in the 21st century.

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