Yashima Adhikari ’26 inspired to ignite societal change after J-Term

While Yashima Adhikari ’26 is majoring in mathematical economics and minoring in data science, she believes that gaining a deeper understanding of the past can help society to build a brighter future. 

During the winter break, she participated in Gettysburg College’s January Term (J-Term). This experience provided her with impactful learning opportunities outside of her academic focus and the ability to deepen the enduring skills of leadership, communication, and intercultural fluency—skills that she will leverage throughout her life and career.

Adhikari was drawn to the Center for Public Service’s (CPS) immersion trip to Alabama, where students would gain insight on the Civil Rights movement. As an international student from Nepal, Adhikari had little prior knowledge of the movement. She was excited to “learn about the activists who courageously fought for justice and equality” in such a historically significant place.

“On the trip, I learned that anyone can make changes in society. We should never think that we are incapable,” she said.

A museum piece of  Rosa Parks

Adhikari felt particularly inspired by an inscription in one of the museums. It read, “She sat down, so we could stand tall.” Parks’ story resonated with Adhikari, as someone who feels passionate about sparking change within her own community. 

“Learning about Rosa Parks—the mother of the freedom movement—and her unwavering commitment to justice and equality left a lasting impact on me,” she reflected.

After returning from the trip, Adhikari continues to strengthen her professional skillset through the numerous clubs and organizations that she is involved in on campus.

“As a career ambassador for the Center for Career Engagement (CCE), I get to interact with many students, professors, and staff members while sitting at the front desk. I also facilitate connections between alumni and current students through events that foster valuable networking opportunities, enhancing my communication skills by building and maintaining professional relationships,” she said.

An image of Adhikari sitting

Adhikari also remains involved with CPS by working as a program coordinator for the Painted Turtle Farm, a campus-community hub for food justice in Adams County. When describing her role and its societal impact, she reflected, “My involvement at the farm has deepened my understanding of community-based work and its significance in addressing issues of food justice and sustainability. Advocating for these causes within the local immigrant population has been particularly rewarding, highlighting the farm's dedication to promoting social equality.” 

After developing and deepening the enduring skills most valued by employers through her campus leadership roles J-Term experience in Alabama, Adhikari plans to pursue further her education in graduate school. She ultimately hopes to pursue a career in investment banking, where she will continue to shape a brighter future for society.

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By Brooke Askin ’25 
Photos by Amber Tetmeyer ’27 and Yashima Adhikari ’26
Posted: 04/01/24

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