April media mentions

At Gettysburg College, our passionate community leans into important conversations. From our faculty and staff to our students and alumni, we witness experts, leaders, and innovators at work. They’re newsworthy in their endeavors and are recognized as such—consistently featured by both local and national media outlets.

From mid-March to mid-April, the College received more than 50 media hits, with 14 of them being national mentions. Each mention is a testament to the great work that happens here and in ripple effects across the world.

Explore some of the top media mentions from the last month:

NBC Philadelphia: ‘Women Pay Homage to Black and Brown Trailblazers With Baby Clothing Line’

Kaba Baby, a sustainable clothing brand for babies that “promotes Black and Brown excellence while creatively inspiring the next generation” was highlighted on an NBC Philadelphia news broadcast. Rewina Kahssay and Tyobista Girma ’15 are childhood friends turned business partners who co-founded Kaba Baby in 2021. Both were born in Ethiopia and are now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, working to create a children’s clothing line that highlights the stories and successes of those who paved the way for current and future generations.

Gettysburg Times: Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Thirty Under 30

Coach Kaleigh Badecki
Assistant women’s basketball coach Kaleigh Badecki.

Gettysburg College Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach Kaleigh Badecki was recognized by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) as a Thirty Under 30 honoree for the 2021-22 season. Badecki, who has coached the women’s basketball team for the last six years, was chosen for her exemplary involvement in community service, her mentorship, impact on others, professional manner, attitude, and professional association involvement.

The New Yorker: ‘Giving Phife Dawg the Sound of Forever’

The New Yorker wrote a feature about Dion Liverpool ’93 and his recent project: co-producing the new posthumous album “Forever” by Malik Izaak Taylor (also known as Phife Dawg), a rapper from the 1980s hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Liverpool (also known as DJ Rasta Root) was Taylor’s touring DJ and beat maker in 1998, and he is now a lecturer in music at Emory University.

“He left a lot of blueprints and clues. His rap books would have, like, these intricate notes of producers he would want, features he’d want, liner notes—everything was just oddly laid out.”
— Dion Liverpool ’93, The New Yorker

Salon: ‘The true story behind the Midge Maisel-Sophie Lennon rivalry’ / The life of comic Gilbert Gottfried

Prof. Steve Gimbel
Philosophy Prof. Stephen Gimbel

Philosophy Prof. Stephen Gimbel co-authored two op-eds for Salon, alongside Gwydion Suilebhan. The first article explores the real-life inspiration for the on-screen feud between Midge Maise—based on comedian Joan Rivers—and Sophie Lennon, who is believed to be an amalgamation of comedians Phyllis Diller and Totie Fields, in the comedy-drama, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” The other article shined a light on the life of comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who recently died. “To the very end, he devoted himself to the art of the joke—setup, punchline, and laughter—and everything jokes can engender: great offense, deep insights, and relief from great tragedy,” Gimbel co-wrote.

Newsweek: ‘How Will the Ukraine War End?’

Prof. Douglas Page
Political Science Prof. Douglas Page

Political Science Prof. Douglas Page served as an expert source in a Newsweek article, which explored diplomatic progress between Russia and Ukraine and how the war might end. Page said he thinks it’s too early to tell how diplomatic efforts will play out, as Russia’s potential defeat in Ukraine may motivate settlement talks or further escalations in violence by Vladimir Putin.

“An agreement regarding NATO membership could help advance a peace settlement, but Putin’s aggression increases the likelihood of stalled talks and reneging.”
— Douglas Page, Newsweek

Media mentions by the numbers:

  • 50+ media mentions featuring Gettysburg College faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • 14 media mentions in national news outlets
  • 8 media mentions relating to politics

Five more stories worth reading:

  1. USA Lacrosse Magazine reshared a feature on Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Carol Cantele ’83, P’15, who has coached for more than 30 years and will retire after the 2022 season.
  2. Author Melissa Mizeski ’08 has recently written the children’s science book “Amelia and the Mysterious Woodpecker.”
  3. The Gettysburg Connection shared reflections from the College’s 6th annual Peace and Justice Week.
  4. Sabrina Robinette ’23 wrote an op-ed for the Gettysburg Times, using English Prof. Christopher Fee’s First-Year Seminar class, Tryin’ to find a Way Back Home: Introduction to Literature of Homelessness in America, to talk about homelessness more broadly.
  5. The Burg highlighted Nathan Reigner ’01, who is Pennsylvania’s first director of outdoor recreation.

Come back next month for a new recap of monthly media mentions.

By Molly Foster
Photos by Shawna Sherrell and courtesy of Gettysburg College Athletics
Posted: 05/19/22