PLA Survey

Did you feel adequately prepared by your professor(s) to perform your duties as a PLA?

If you do not feel adequately prepared, what support do you need?

Do you feel under-used/over-used by students, or just about right, considering the class size?

When asked to deal with students on a one-to-one basis, did you feel completely comfortable in the role of tutor? If not, what might have helped?

What did you enjoy most about your work as a PLA? What work did you enjoy least?

Has your work as a PLA enhanced your relationship with your professor? If so, in what ways?

Would you recommend the experience of being a PLA to your peers?

Do you find that your experience as a PLA has been worthwhile, in the broader sense, i.e., have you developed as a person as a result of your work? If so, in what ways?

Do you feel that your work as a PLA has better prepared you for work beyond college -- grad school or the work force? Please elaborate.

Do you have suggestions for how to make the Peer Learning system work better for you?