About Us

Advancing Science at Gettysburg College is a K-12 science outreach program and a member of the Pennsylvania Science in Motion Consortium.  The program is a lending library of science equipment and lesson plans.  The Advancing Science van delivers resource kits to teachers and Mobile Educators are available for co-teaching visits.  The resource kits include lesson plans and class sets of the equipment and supplies needed to conduct the lesson.  The program offers 125 activities for grades K-12.  All services are provided at no cost thanks to our generous sponsors.

The Science in Motion Consortium, established in 2000, is a network of science outreach programs supported by the PA Department of Education.  The members of the consortium all share a common goal – to provide equitable access to science education resources throughout Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania Map showing Science In Motion host sites

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PA corporations can receive tax credits for donations to the Advancing Science at Gettysburg College through the PA EITC Program.