We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Watershed Education and Training Program and four area school districts (Camp Hill, Conewago Valley, Littlestown, and Shippensburg Area).

This new project is entitled, What's in the Water?, began in August 2018. During the first year of the project, 4th grade teachers and their students will participate in a series of activities to investigate their schoolyard and local environmental issues. Students and teachers will study soil, water, weather, and ecosystems concepts as they tackle the issue of sediment in storm water.

This project has several major components, including:

  1. The NOAA MWEE model - a Meaningful Watershed Education Experience is a series of activities that allows students to identify and investigate a local environmental issue. These learner centered experiences lead to informed civic action. More information.
  2. Sustained professional development for teachers (24 hours annually)
  3. Use of the schoolyard as an extension of the science classroom. Students will assess and study their schoolyard, measure daily precipitation and storm water turbidity, and ultimately plan action projects to improve their schoolyard.
  4. Science journaling to encourage observation, questioning, and synthesis.
  5. Loaner theme boxes that contain supplies to help teachers prepare their students for hands-on laboratory experiments and schoolyard analysis.