Teacher Training

“Workshops boost my skills and help me build connections with other teachers. I have gained confidence in becoming the best science teacher I can be for my students. Thank you, Advancing Science!”


Teacher Workshop Image The goal of our workshops is to provide standards-based professional development designed to enhance teacher understanding of the Advancing Science laboratory content, provide instruction concerning the use of the Advancing Science equipment, and introduce teachers to real-world experiences that can be applied in the classroom to provide students relevance to the associated science concepts.

Topic-specific workshops focus on specific scientific topics such as spaceflight, rocketry, astronomy, weather, environmental science, life science, geology, animals, and plants.  Teachers are exposed to associated applicable Advancing Science laboratories and gain useful insights into the topics which can then be carried back to the classroom for immediate implementation.  Keep your eye on the Advancing Science website for upcoming workshops.  Teachers will be issued a Certificate of Attendance that may be presented to district administration as proof of professional development. 

Upcoming Workshops

Contact advancingscience@gettysburg.edu to be notified of  upcoming training opportunities.

Training Videos

Lab Videos:

We continue to expand our video library to provide teachers with explanations and insights associated with our labs and activities.  Keep your eye on this space for new developments…

Salty Roads Lead to Salty Streams Activity
021 - Exploring Seeds Activity Video
071 - Compound Microscope Activity Video
100 - Animal Tracks & Scat Activity Video
141 - Stream in a Bucket Activity Video
253 - Bird Skull Adaptations Activity Video
260 - Habitat Dioramas Activity Video
351 - Exploring the Fossil Record Activity
360 - A Hard Look at the Rocks of Gettysburg Activity
362 - Seafloor Spreading Activity Video