Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS)

In the event of an emergency, an effective Campus-wide communications process is vital in order to provide the greatest safety possible for the College community. As part of its Emergency Management Operations, the College has adopted a formalized procedure for issuing immediate notifications to the campus community. Additional details are published and available in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Faculty and Staff participation in the Emergency Notification system is optional. Those who do not currently receive notifications indicates they are not in the system and should enroll if they would like to be notified of emergency incidents affecting the campus community. This is done by:

  • Logging onto CNAV, and selecting "Emergency Notification Settings" from the "My Place" drop-down menu
  • Add your cell-phone number (with area code) in the box named “Cell Phone Number”, and click "Update.”
  • Users should keep in mind that changes may take a few days to take effect.