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We advance accessibility, user experience, and search engine optimization for the Gettysburg College website.

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Getting help

Get in touch at webmaster@gettysburg.edu , or use the web update request form:

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Staying informed

Stay up-to-date on training sessions and helpful resources by subscribing to our mailing list or joining our Slack community.

  1. CMS Liaisons email list: write to webmaster@gettysburg.edu to be notified of training opportunities, CMS announcements, or accessibility information. This is a low-volume mailing list.
  2. Join our Slack group: visit the Gettysburg College HQ signup page on Slack and join with your @gettysburg.edu email address. Slack is group chat for work, and has good threading and search features for following conversations and finding answers to common questions.

Training sessions

Training sessions are held regularly and are open to the entire community.

Upcoming training sessions
Date Topic Location
December 5, 2019 Accessibility and SEO Training Glatfelter 011
January, 2020 Hands-On Accessibility Training tbd
January, 2020 Hands-On CMS Training tbd
January, 2020 Hands-On PDF Remediation Training tbd

Topics aim to help staff whose responsibilities include web publishing. However, all employees, faculty, and students are welcome to attend. Sessions are adjusted (where possible) to accommodate the attendees.

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Web and accessibility topics

Content Management System (CMS) Training
Training information for the College’s content management system, dotCMS. Training sessions are held monthly.
Accessibility Training
Ensure that your web pages and documents are accessible to users of screen readers and other assistive technologies. Get hands-on training editing HTML pages in dotCMS, creating structured documents in Microsoft Word, measuring the impact of accessibility issues, and learning the SEO benefits of good accessibility.
Gettysburg.edu Style Guide
Learn about the typographic and functional elements available as part of the Gettysburg.edu web platform. The style guide covers webfonts, available structural elements (headings, tables, forms, and buttons), and information on the brand color palette.
Campus Web Policy
Policy, procedures, and regulations governing the use and growth of the College website.