Web code snippets

Code snippets on this page enable campus partners to use web patterns that are consistent with all other areas of the Gettysburg College website

A code snippet is a string of customizable HTML code that can be added to a web page in CODE view and contains styles (or classes) that generate a uniform look and feel for each code snippet. Please do not manually manipulate the classes in the code snippets on your own, as this defeats the purpose of creating uniformity amongst all of our code snippets.

COVID-19 notification box

The fully rendered notification box looks like the example below:

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has been canceled (as have many others). Please see the College’s Coronavirus Information page for details.

Installing the code

  1. Open the page that you want to install the code snippet on.
  2. Lock the page for editing and click “edit content” to edit the content area where you intend to place the code snippet.
  3. Switch the window's view from WYSIWYG to CODE view.
  4. Copy and paste the code snippet into the window in CODE view.
  5. Make any edits to the language of the notification box in CODE view. Note: if you change the language in CODE view, please preserve the second sentence with the link that goes to the Coronavirus website.
  6. Save your content and submit it for review.