Dining FAQs

Q: Can I take food out of the Dining Center?
A: No. The Dining Center is an All-You-Care-To-Eat facility and all food is to be consumed in the Dining Center. You are allowed one piece of fruit or one ice cream treat as a take-out item. This is a way to meet your needs for an easy-carry snack and still control costs. Uncontrolled take-out would lead to a more expensive meal plan, as well as food safety issues.

Q: Is my meal plan transferable?
A: No. You may not let anyone use your ID Card to gain entry in the Dining Center.

Q: Can I change my meal plan?
A: Upper-class students will want to check the main page for the deadline to change their plan. Your account will be pro-rated depending upon either the amount of time that has elapsed or the amount of your meal plan that has been used.

Q: May I add funds to my U.S.A. plan?
A: Yes you may. Visit www.gettysburg.edu/onlinediningservices to add funds.

Q: Why can’t I use a Meal Exchange with my U.S.A. plan?
A: The U.S.A. plan works only in the Dining Center. The allocation of Dining$ on the U.S.A. plan is for when you need to purchase meals that must be eaten outside the Dining Center.

Q: What is Servo?
A: A term that affectionately refers to the Dining Center.

Q: What is the Dining Center?
A: See Servo.

Q: What is a Meal Exchange?
A: The meal exchange is a choice of predetermined meals at the Bullet Hole. Holders of the USA plan may not exchange a meal at these locations.

Q: What are Dining$ and BulletBuck$?
A: Money stored on your student ID to be used as cash in any of the dining venues and Kazue. Dining$ are funds that came with a purchased meal plan, Bulletbuck$ are fund purchased with student charge, credit card or cash. Students who are using Dining$ or Bulletbuck$ associated with a purchased meal plan receive a 10% discount on purchases at the Bullet Hole, the Commons, and the Dive and a 15% discount in the Dining Center.

Q: What are Bonus Meals?
A: Bonus meals are for when you have used your weekly allotment of meals. They can be used at the Front Desk of Servo or at the Grill on Lincoln.